I started recording #veggietravels as a long-time vegetarian. I was all too familiar with some of the sad, over-used “vegetarian options” available, especially when travelling. Yes, a mushroom risotto can be nice on occasion, but when it is the only option at every restaurant on a street you start to get a little tired.

Then I was diagnosed as celiac and realized how much more difficult finding good gluten-free vegetarian food can be on the road. Maybe a restaurant lists a veggie burger on their website…. but does that even mean I can eat it. And so #VeggieGFTravels has begun.

I’d like to help travellers who are gluten free and/or vegetarians find places to really the experience of dining out. And with several trips in my future, as well as a number of local restaurants to share with others this is the perfect place to start.

Current Reviews






Upcoming Destinations:

  • Toronto, Ontario
  • London, Ontario
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Tampa, Florida

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