Try a Try a Tri!

When I talk about creativity I don’t just mean arts, crafts, and cooking. I think creativity can extend to many areas of life… including health and fitness.

I like to be active, although sometimes… like in a winter where days are short and below the -20 marker, it can be hard to make the effort. Which is why I love spring and getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday I rode my bike into work and returned my parking pass so I’m officially a bike commuter again. I started last summer and absolutely love it. I feel so much more awake at my desk afterwards (it’s better than 3 cups of coffee!).

The next childhood activity I’m returning to is swimming. Now that I have free access to a pool it’s something I can continue year-round (although currently closed for one month of cleaning – what a bummer in terms of timing!). I picked up some new gear to help me get motivated (and because I don’t think my stuff from 1999 is going to hold up or even fit!).

I did fit one swim in before the cleaning closure and it went really well. So I’ve officially signed up for the National Capital Triathlon and Duathlon Try a Tri event on August 1st. That means a 200M Swim / 20Km Cycle / 2Km Run which right now sounds like a breeze to me but I might be singing another tune on the first day of August! I’m planning on a few mock-races which should be an easy after work task since I’m already biking home – just hop in the pool first and go for a run afterwards!