Summer Food

The Farmer’s Market is just the best at this time of year. Everything looks big, colourful, fresh and delicious. It can be hard to choose what to limit yourself to each week. This was my limit yesterday:

This afternoon I made zucchini bread from the trust Betty Crocker cookbook and yesterday this Veggie Lover’s Lasagna from “cinnamon spice and everything nice” to make use of the patty pan squash portion of my CSA basket. I always pin spring and summer lasagnas on Pinterest but then never make them given the baking time in the summer but the weather took a bit of a break from our heat wave and I’m happy I gave it a try. The summer veggies worked perfectly!

I’ve also been making a lot of veggie bowls lately – this one is based off of the BBQ Tahini Power Bowl from “Veggies Don’t Bite” . That BBQ Tahini was delicious and enjoyed on many other things over the next few days!

What else have I made since my last update?

And that brings me up to 112 recipes tried this year. Powering through!