Home tour: The Library

I just did a quick tally – we’ve had 53 nights in our new home now. And 18 of those nights we had a houseguest (or two, or three)! So the fact that we are feeling even slightly settled is pretty awesome and we are sure getting there. I think decorating and organizing a house will be my next big creativity project (not ruling out some small side ideas!).

The room that B and I were probably most excited about is “The Library”. It’s one of the two spaces we painted as soon as we moved in because it was quite a shade of orange! We went with a solid white which makes the space (the smallest of the bedrooms) look much bigger but it does call out for some colour in other ways. Which is why I took the opportunity to try out the rainbow bookshelf idea. I’ve pinned this for years and was never sure if I could get my type-A personality around this type of “order” but now that it’s done I love it! It really pops in the white room and white bookcase.


The problem though is that with a English major and an English minor living in the same home we have A LOT of books. So there is not a lot of styling going on – apart from a bit of styling with books. As we get settled in some of the other rooms maybe some of the books will shift there to make a book more room on the bookcase.

The previous home owners had a small bunk bed built in to this space with the shelf on the side below used as a bookshelf within the bed. It was so cool. But a small bunk bed isn’t really something we were looking for (seriously the top bunk could not have fit anyone over 2′ tall) so we’re not entirely sure what to do with this cubby. Currently it’s our turf charging station/FIFA U-20 WWC shrine.

Remember my sewing class?  Here’s the new home for my bunting! You can see it from the outside window too. Cute!

It’s a start! And I can’t  wait to see this room transform as we get even more settled.


Learning from the Experts

One of the first steps on my creativity journey has been to learn from others. There are so many interesting people and projects out there – why not draw upon their knowledge and see if their interests and talents align with mine. Sometimes I feel a bit like a kid at summer camp or an enthusiastic after school calendar, but what better way to find a new hobby/interest/outlet than trying activities out!

A few weeks ago I went to a terrarium workshop at Flowers Talk Tivoli. I’ve been waiting months for the beautiful local flower shop to have an event or workshop that I was able to attend. I missed out on wreaths and planters over the holidays but loved the idea of building my own terrarium. My friends and I brought some fine little dinos to make our scenes even more interesting! It was fun and I will be keeping my eyes open for future workshops while I await the day I can have my own garden!

I’ve also been to a couple of classes at Fabrications – hands down the coolest fabric shop out there! Their fabrics make you want to be good with a sewing machine (which I still am not). Below you’ll see my bunting – I also made some scarves which made their way to others as Christmas gifts. I am sure I will go back to create something else – although I wish I was at a point where I felt comfortable to go it alone without a class. Maybe after the next one! And I see they are going to start doing silk-screening… okay I’m hooked!

My current course is Pottery. I don’t have a finished project to share yet so stay tuned. I do have a nasty injury on my hand – apparently pressing down hard is meant to be on the clay not on the wheel (!!!). It has been the most challenging so far, but I have another 5 weeks to figure it out.