Kinda Vegan February 

My stomach has been a bit off since returning from my holiday trip so I’ve decided to keep a food journal and dabble with the elimination diet. First to be eliminated was dairy – which meant the first half of February was almost vegan (apart from some eggs). Friday was my birthday celebrations and the end of my two weeks without dairy so I have been enjoying cheese all weekend (with no ill effects). Maybe my tummy troubles were just a fluke?

This Quinoa with moroccan winter squash and carrot stew from Bon Appetit was a wonderful warm winter meal. And I got to use some of the saffron I picked up in the Dubai spice market:

The Oh She Glows Cookbook has been at my side for this adventure.Enlightened miso power bowl – why yes I do!
 The Super Foodie Superfood Breakfast Bowl from Camille Styles was another good winter recipe. Gets you ready to face a cold winter day.

And finally – another warming bowl for our cold February – Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry. I substituted the curry/korma paste for a lot of curry powder which I had on hand and it worked out pretty well.

There were lots of other recipes in the kitchen over the past few weeks too (including a few pre-dairy elimination):


This (six) weeks in recipes

Despite all the new home hubbub I’ve still managed to stay pretty on-track with new recipes – also heavily inspired by getting our CSA basket. Not a lot of pictures though since my concern was more with getting food on the table!

I did snap this picture of a yummy summer salad. It was a spin on the Kale, Cherry & Avocado Salad with Lemon-Poppy Seed Dressing from Dishing Up The Dirt (Andrea has been a huge inspiration with my CSA box {although I think her CSA is cooler – you pick up in a pub!}). I didn’t have kohlrabi yet (it came the next two times and I made her Grilled Broccoli & Kohlrabi Salad with Smokey Cashew Sauce!) so I subbed in the white turnips that arrived in my box and I didn’t know how to use. It worked well in it’s place. And I added some tempeh bacon that was in the fridge too!

I’ve made a few more of the recipes from Thug Kitchen including sweet citrus marinated tofu for Brent’s mom and 75+ year old grandparents who were very willing participants and had great things to say about the tofu. Marinated BBQ tofu you cannot go wrong which is why I also made the sesame ginger marinade for tofu earlier this week! Other Thug recipes included the delicious Tempeh Peanut Noodles with Blanched Kale and Roasted Chickpea and Broccoli Burritos.

Other recipes made in the past month and a half include:

Signing off with a photo of our lovely farm fresh rainbow chard just before being used in that last recipe!


End of March Cooking

Happy long weekend, Easter, Passover, etc everyone!

I’m looking forward to some good cooking this weekend! Yesterday was our first hint of spring here in Ottawa so most of the day was spent outside and enjoying it, but I stayed in for the night and got my Saturdaycooking rolling!

I got a KitchenAid Mixer for Christmas and have had such a busy few months that I haven’t had a chance to take full advantage yet. I looking at some of the ways you can use it (beyond the obvious) I was excited to learn you can make your own butter! Wow! I love flavoured butter at fancy restaurants so the chance to make my own is pretty darn cool. I decided to try out a recipe for Maple Salted Butter. Maybe a bit of a reach for a first time butter-maker since the author is Australian and some of the ingredients/conversions may not have worked in my favour. While it didn’t turn out like a hard butter as expected it did make a nice whipped butter which was still very tasty.

And if you make your own butter you need something to spread it on – enter Greek Yogurt Banana & Oat Bread. What a way to start a Saturday morning 🙂


What else have I made over the past week?

  • Last Saturday night we had a games night with friends and I brought some Burnt peanut butter caramel oatmeal chocolate chip cookies c/o Half Baked Harvest and some local craft brew – Leisure Suit from Beyond the Pale.
  • I am always trying new veggie burger recipes and this one definitely passed the test: Sun dried tomato and mozzarella quinoa burgers from Jessica in the Kitchen. They were easy to form and stayed together really well, they had good flavour and taste – will certainly be made here again!
  • Another Dishing Up the Dirt recipe came into rotation as well. I saw this potato dish when making the Broccoli Miso salad I shared last week and couldn’t wait to make. Roasted garlic potatoes with fresh herbs and sun dried tomato cashew cream sauce. It was good, but I liked the components a lot – maybe more than the overall meal. And since it was a lot of food for just two of us and we looked to change it up with leftovers and had the potatoes fried with breakfast and the rest of the cream sauce with pasta. Using up the yummies – I love it!

Me + Food

Before I get to this past week in food I should go back to the beginning…

The year was 1995, I was ten years old and the movie industry loved pigs. You probably remember “Babe” – it was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. I remember Gordy. IMDB describes it as “A talking pig named Gordy becomes involved in a quest to save his family from the slaughterhouse. An impressionable young girl like me realized exactly what that meant the moment a pig in the film turned into a sausage and I have not had the same relationship with food since.


I would divide those past twenty years as follows:

  • 8 years of eating meatless meals and being annoyed at having to help my mother try to make healthy alternatives for the only non-meat eater in the family. I can still remember trying (failing!) to make my own TVP meatballs.
  • 3 years of eating terribly in University. My doctor was impressed I could still function given how bad my diet was.
  • 6 years of eating slightly better and learning about food and cooking for real.
  • 3 years of obsessively saving and seeking out amazing vegetarian/vegan recipes on Pinterest and an assortment of blogs.

In those three years I have amassed a spreadsheet with more than 2000 different recipes I have tried or want to try in the future (did I mention obsessive?). I’m sure I’ll get back to this again in the future!

So which of those recipes did I make this past week?

  • Catherine from Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth’s Fluffy Oats and Two Ingredient Coconut Macaroons which was brilliant. I don’t know if I will be able to eat a bowl of oatmeal without a coconut macaroon again
  • Clementine Daily’s Spicy Tamari Tofu. This was the first recipe I’ve made from their site and I was impressed. Also it wasn’t too spicy for me which is sometimes a concern. B was able to up the spice to his level too.
  • Andrea from Dishing Up the Dirt shared this Carrot & Broccoli Salad with Miso Ginger Dressing and warned that it could become part of your everyday rotation. I definitely had every drip of the dressing over the past week and need to buy more miso to make it again!Huevos by B
  • Last night B made the most delicious Huevos Rancheros. I still need a recipe to cook, but my man likes to take whatever is in the fridge and make and plate something fantastic. It is a pretty sweet combination.