Gló Reykjavik

Gló is deservedly the most prominent vegetarian haunt in Reykjavik. I had scouted it out in advance and was very excited to go so it was our first food stop! Their menu changes daily and features a variety of mains – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, raw, and even a meal with meat. Something for everyone which I support. Then with your main you get to select three of their ten-ish salads (all veggie and gluten free). Like most of Reykjavik it was a bit pricey, but worth it.

I started with raw vegan enchiladas (the wraps were so tasty! Best gluten free wrap I have tried so far!), a chickpea/cauliflower salad, a watermelon salad and sweet potato salad. Brent had the enchiladas too – see happy picture below!



The decor was very similar to a lot of places back home – reclaimed wood plus lots of white and great art. One side is a bit more cafeteria style but we sat in a quiet little corner which was really neat. Sleek, modern, trendy, on point!

We came back again a few days later to get take-away for our Golden Circle travel day. We both had lasagna (raw, gluten free for me and regular vegetarian for B). I also had a great green smoothie.


And in true Icelandic fashion we mentioned Gló to our tour guide and he said ‘oh, that’s my cousin’s restaurant!’. Everyone knows everyone.

#VeggieGFTravels Report Card – Gló

Décor and Atmosphere: A

Variety of Options: A

Quality of Food: A



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