Home DIY – The Guest Room

We are making our way through the few projects we knew we wanted to tackle on our new home from Day 1. I’m happy to report another one is finished… our guest bedroom has been completely refreshed – and just in time for my mom to visit for the weekend.

Here are some of the before photos of the space… be glad we don’t yet have smell-o-vision so you aren’t subjected to the cat hair fumes coming out of that old purple/burgundy carpet!

Other than the carpet it isn’t terribly offensive, but it wasn’t really our style with the light purple walls. And there was a lot of stuff in a little space… which it seems even the previous previous owners had too:865266_14

So first things first, we got rid of the carpet. There was asbestos in the tiles below so we had this professionally, safely done, but then tackled the rest ourselves – from a fresh coat of paint to new laminate floors. A custom-made trunk my grandfather made for me many years ago fits perfectly in the small bump-out and leaves plenty of room for the bed and nightstand.

A perfect pillow from HomeSense confirmed our light grey paint on the walls and inspired Brent to unroll some Black Keys posters hiding in a closet and put them up on display.
  P.S. Don’t look in the closet – still under construction!


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