2016 I’m a coming

My start to the new year has been slightly delayed, firstly by an amazing vacation, secondly by a less-than-amazing illness, but 2016 I am now ready for you.

This year I want to do so many things – among them have a fantastic “authentic for us” wedding, spend more time with friends, settle into my home, cook a bunch of delicious meals and blog some more.

I’m also progressing on my creativity project – I started learning to knit (finally! yay!) This year I want to create some art, some wedding, DIYs, maybe write a bit of fiction, and anything else that catches my attention.

As a start I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear”. I’ve been interested in giving this a read for some time and the pretty cover (previously with a 40% off sticker) made me pick it up. Review to come…

Before the holidays I attended a lunchtime talk at the University about Creative Thinking. The presenter, a cognitive science professor, was really interesting and gave me lots to think about. Did you know you are more creative in a green room and more task-oriented in a red room and that 70db is the optimal noise for creativity? That must be why so many people (myself included) like to work in Starbucks! His own research was also quite interesting – how do you teach a computer to be creative?!?

I’ll leave that to him and focus on myself for now… back next time with some recipe adventures!



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