Home tour: The Library

I just did a quick tally – we’ve had 53 nights in our new home now. And 18 of those nights we had a houseguest (or two, or three)! So the fact that we are feeling even slightly settled is pretty awesome and we are sure getting there. I think decorating and organizing a house will be my next big creativity project (not ruling out some small side ideas!).

The room that B and I were probably most excited about is “The Library”. It’s one of the two spaces we painted as soon as we moved in because it was quite a shade of orange! We went with a solid white which makes the space (the smallest of the bedrooms) look much bigger but it does call out for some colour in other ways. Which is why I took the opportunity to try out the rainbow bookshelf idea. I’ve pinned this for years and was never sure if I could get my type-A personality around this type of “order” but now that it’s done I love it! It really pops in the white room and white bookcase.


The problem though is that with a English major and an English minor living in the same home we have A LOT of books. So there is not a lot of styling going on – apart from a bit of styling with books. As we get settled in some of the other rooms maybe some of the books will shift there to make a book more room on the bookcase.

The previous home owners had a small bunk bed built in to this space with the shelf on the side below used as a bookshelf within the bed. It was so cool. But a small bunk bed isn’t really something we were looking for (seriously the top bunk could not have fit anyone over 2′ tall) so we’re not entirely sure what to do with this cubby. Currently it’s our turf charging station/FIFA U-20 WWC shrine.

Remember my sewing class?  Here’s the new home for my bunting! You can see it from the outside window too. Cute!

It’s a start! And I can’t  wait to see this room transform as we get even more settled.


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