Learning from the Experts

One of the first steps on my creativity journey has been to learn from others. There are so many interesting people and projects out there – why not draw upon their knowledge and see if their interests and talents align with mine. Sometimes I feel a bit like a kid at summer camp or an enthusiastic after school calendar, but what better way to find a new hobby/interest/outlet than trying activities out!

A few weeks ago I went to a terrarium workshop at Flowers Talk Tivoli. I’ve been waiting months for the beautiful local flower shop to have an event or workshop that I was able to attend. I missed out on wreaths and planters over the holidays but loved the idea of building my own terrarium. My friends and I brought some fine little dinos to make our scenes even more interesting! It was fun and I will be keeping my eyes open for future workshops while I await the day I can have my own garden!

I’ve also been to a couple of classes at Fabrications – hands down the coolest fabric shop out there! Their fabrics make you want to be good with a sewing machine (which I still am not). Below you’ll see my bunting – I also made some scarves which made their way to others as Christmas gifts. I am sure I will go back to create something else – although I wish I was at a point where I felt comfortable to go it alone without a class. Maybe after the next one! And I see they are going to start doing silk-screening… okay I’m hooked!

My current course is Pottery. I don’t have a finished project to share yet so stay tuned. I do have a nasty injury on my hand – apparently pressing down hard is meant to be on the clay not on the wheel (!!!). It has been the most challenging so far, but I have another 5 weeks to figure it out.


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