The first creation

I’ve had an itch for the past few years to find a way to bring more creativity into my life. While I have interest and passion in my jobs (there have been a few in that time period…), I didn’t have a over-arching hobby or interest for my non-work hours.

I’ve thought about blogging on several occasions (including following through once for my experience at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games), but I’ve always hesitated at the idea. What do I really have to say? Aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Will mine be as pretty and professional as all of those others I love to read?

Realxing-Sauna-aboard-luxury-yacht-NumptiaBut today, while I was supposed to be relaxing in a meditation sauna at the fantastic Spa Nordik, I realized I should just go ahead and start. I may not have something truly unique to share here, but it might be something I enjoy or it might lead me to something else I will really love to do. Stop holding yourself back! So I want to use this blog to explore all of the ways I am already doing creative things, my new creative experiences along the way and to appreciate whatever comes out of that.

A big part of my current creative process is more implementing other people’s creative visions through cooking. I love to try new recipes and experiment with food in new or different ways. I enjoy Pinterest and pinning new projects, ideas and inspirations. And I’m planning a wedding over the next year so I’m sure some creative juices will be needed there! Those will probably be my regular themes – so if that sounds up your alley I hope you stick around!



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